Monday, April 25, 2005

The Fly

--Reviewed by Patrick

Plotline: Scientist Seth Brundle invents a teleportation device, which he tests on himself. Unfortunately, a fly was in the chamber with him and the end result is one of the most gory, hideous monsters in horror movie history.

Scariness factor: I don't know how much 'the Fly' would count as "scary". Unless, of course, the reader intents to transport himself in his own homemade telepod. But, the film ranks very high on the creepy scale. 10+

Originality: Okay, technically this film is based on the 1958 movie of the same name. Though I've not seen the original all the way through, I can say with confidence that, other than the basic premise (scientist uses a transporter and accidentally gets merged with a fly), they're two very different movies. This version is *very* Cronenberg, building up the "gross factor", throughout the film, until it's almost unbearable. In fact, those who do not enjoy David Cronenberg's work ('Naked Lunch', 'Crash', etc.) might do well to avoid 'The Fly'. It's definitely one of most stomach churning works I've ever seen. But, if you are a fan of his work, this movie is unlike anything you've ever seen or will again.

Other High Points: Possibly the longest "transformation scene" in movie history. Basically, the whole film follows Seth Brundle's transformation into the fly, on both a physical and psychological level. In the end, you don't feel like you're watching some guy in a fly costume, but instead a horrible diseased inhuman being. Related to that, the special FX in this movie are top notch. I would be greatly saddened to see this film redone today, where computer FX would most definitely ruin it. Instead, we get some of the most masterful (and disgusting) FX I've ever seen.

Other Complaints: Freggin' Jeff Goldblum. This guy cannot complete a sentence without his trademark odd pauses and inflections, even when his face is half falling off. It's a style of speech that I had to become acclimated to, throughout the film, as at the beginning, it's impossibly annoying. Geena Davis also looks terribly 80's, with her padded shoulders and overdone makeup.

Overall: This viewing marked probably the sixth or seventh time I've seen 'The Fly' and it still creeps me out just as much as the first time. Definitely worth a viewing. Avoid the sequel though.

Grade: A



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