Monday, October 09, 2006


--Reviewed by Lindy Loo

Plotline: A group of teenagers winds up on a mysterious island while out boating. They are taken in by a strange but intriguing millionaire who encourages them to stay overnight so that they can stay safe from the hazards of the jungle. He tells them that he has a strange hobby, and that it entails hunting and trophies. They soon find out that it's not just animals that he hunts.

Scariness factor: It was made in 1961. That should answer that question.

Gross-Out Factor: See "Scariness factor."

Complaints: As always with camp movies, it is hard to really complain about the faults, as the faults are what makes them so damn enjoyable. So if you want faults, you can check them out under the "High Points" section...

High Points: Oh man, did this movie crack my shit up. First off, one of the main characters is the dad from the Brady Bunch. That should give you some insight into the quality of the movie. I only noticed it was him from his voice--the resemblance is pretty different from thereon out. He's built like a jock, all broad-chested and triangular, with a muscle-shirt and tight pants, his arms unable to droop at his sides because there is too much muscle in the way. But he acts just like Mr. Brady, all serious and ultra-logical. Good stuff. Beyond that, the movie is awash in fantastically silly illogicalities... The characters never seem to give any logical thought to getting out of the evil millionaire's clutches. At one point, when the millionaire is holding them at gun point but then reveals that the gun was never loaded, Mr. Brady actually remarks, "It was never loaded this whole time--we could've gotten away!" And yet, though they now know it is NOT loaded, they don't immediately kick his ass and escape. They just kinda stand around in the wake of this revelation. There are many scenes where I actually laughed out loud--in one, the other main male character finds himself sinking into quick sand, only to be pulled out right before it passes the depth of his waist. And yet, he screams and rips his shirt off only to reveal that he is covered in leeches. I cackled out loud at that one. The movie is fantastic with moments like that--no doubt any other person would've been able to escape the island in like 10 minutes, would've fashioned spears immediately and killed the millionaire or would've bludgeoned him to death, but the main characters remarkably never seem to think of this (even though they are "brilliant" enough to have some other clever tricks up their sleeves).

Overall: This is a fun campy horror flick, definitely worth getting your hands on, particularly if you're a fan of the Brady Bunch. (You can also enjoy some of its Oscar-winning performances HERE.)

Grade: A

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I was going to make a comment about Battle Royale, but then you said Mr. Brady was in it and all was lost.


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