Monday, November 05, 2007

Planet Terror

--Reviewed by Lindy Loo

Plotline: A military base accidentally lets loose some sort of bio-weapon that turns the living into gruesome, mutated, flesh-eating zombie-esque creatures. The end result is that a group of survivors, including a foxy one-legged woman who'll eventually find her leg-problem corrected with a machine-gun, must battle them to survive.

Scariness factor: Rodriguez has a really good sense of 1970s camp, and this is moreso campy and fun then it is truly scary.

Gross-Out Factor: Oh, man. High in this department. Especially with zombies being splattered left and right with cars and whatnot.

Complaints: I loved it. Can't think of a one.

High Points: This was so much fun! Rodriguez is clearly a lover of 1970s horror movies and exploitation films, and he mimics the genre wonderfully here, even down to the scratchy-film quality. I've never enjoyed watching zombies get splattered as much as I did in this movie. Also, McGowan is UBER-sexy and bad-ass in it. I never thought a one-legged woman with a replacement machine-gun leg could be so goddamn erotic. *growr* Also, the short lead who I've always loved in the Six Feet Under series is bad-ass sexy in here as well. There's lots of explosion, lots of juicy '70's-esque camp moments, lots of great one-liners, some gruesome transformations, some wicked bad-ass female leads, and just lots and lots of zombie fun. Good stuff.

Overall: Go rent it. It's a blast.

Grade: A



At 4:56 PM, Blogger alesha said...

This is coming in the mail too. I'm watching 'The Invisible' tomorrow I think. The previews look good but we'll see. Thanks for getting me excited about scary movies again!!!

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Katie said...

This movie was everything I hoped it would me and more.

At 7:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not mentioned here, but one of the highlights of the movie was the phony "Machete" trailer at the beginning. I sure hope they make that into a full length feature.


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