Monday, October 15, 2007

Dead Ringers

--Reviewed by Lindy Loo

Plotline: Identical twin brothers both spend their time as gynecological researchers and practitioners. As an added perk, they sleep with their patients when they can. One is mild-mannered and gentle, the other a bit more forward and crass. When the mild-mannered brother falls in love with a patient that both he and his brother have "shared," the screws start to come lose from the creepy twin mechanism.

Scariness factor: The only creepy thing really in this movie are the gynecological tools the brother creates. I could feel my bajingo clench up when it saw them.

Gross-Out Factor: I don't remember any real gross-out scenes.

Complaints: Slow slow slow. I am sort of surprised that this is considered a horror movie since nothing really all that horrory ever happens. If you go in expecting something to creep you to you core, or scare you crazy, you'll be sorely disappointed.

High Points: Jeremy Irons is a fricking good actor. Like most Cronenberg films, this *is* interesting, moreso in thought than actual conception. But it just wasn't all that AWESOME, looking at it through a horror perspective.

Overall: I really think this is moreso a suspense movie than horror, but I'm sure there are many who will argue. Just don't go in expecting too many scares otherwise you'll be sorely sorely disappointed.

Grade: C



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