Monday, May 22, 2006

Angel Heart

I suspect there will also be debate over whether this flick is technically a horror flick or whether it's suspense or whether it's a film-noir wannabe. But I offer up a review anyways, and if you don't like it, I shall just sick Cujo on you.

--Reviewed by Lindy Loo

Plotline: Harry Angel, an old-school private dick, is hired to track down a fellow named Johnny Favorite who crapped out on repaying back a debt of his. The search leads him into the underbelly of New Orleans and into a world of voodoo and intrigue.

Scariness factor: This movie isn't heart-racing scary at all. At least in my opinion. It has its spooky moments, but they are not packed in tightly enough to make the scariness factor high.

Gross-Out Factor: There is lots of blood. There are lots of gross aftermaths. And there is lots of talk about (shhhhh) people being choked to death on their own penises. But other than that, you're cool.

Complaints: I decided to order this movie from the library after mentioning it in my review of Skeleton Key last week, and I was sorry to say that it wasn't quite so great as I remembered it (I realized upon watching it that the last time I think I saw it, I may have been in high school--hence my intrigue and awe of it). It tries a bit too hard to be film-noirish (though there are a couple of nice shots). It didn't interest me quite so much as I'd hoped--I wasn't pulled along by a desire to figure out what was going on. The ending was a bit laughable--at least Robert DeNiro's revelation. I remember why I liked it, but then I also find myself scoffing at my high-school self who really dug this movie and saying--YOU SILLY GIRL; THAT'S THE LAMEST TRICK IN THE BOOK. And it wasn't that scary or as spooky as I remember. Ah well.

High Points: I still like the sweaty Louisiana-feel to this movie. And it has a few creepy moments. You get to see what's her name (Lisa Bonet) from the Cosby Show nekkid, if you're into that thing (I think this was a hugely controversial movie because of that--the sex scenes as well as the fact that I think she was still on the Cosby Show when this came out, so there was uproar over that). You get to see Robert DeNiro donning long fingernails. And, as I'd mentioned before, I'm a voodoo-geek, so it had that going for it. Authentic, I'm sure it was. *Eye roll*

Overall: Eh. I'd imagine you could live a full life without ever having seen this movie. And it tends to lurch more towards suspense than horror at times. But hey, if you're looking to blow a couple hours, what the hell?

Grade: B-



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