Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Blood Car

--Reviewed by Lindy Loo

Plotline: Flash-forward into the future. Gas prices are at $30+ a gallon. No one drives anymore because they can't afford to. Enter a vegan with the desire to change the world through wheatgrass. One day while Archie is experimenting with wheatgrass as an alternative fuel-source, he accidentally cuts himself, bleeding into the wheatgrass. Suddenly, the motor begans to feverishly run, and he realizes (horrifyingly) that he has found the key to making his fuel work. Will his desire to impress a crazy-in-the-sack meat-eating chick coupled with his desire to be the innovator of this new fuel lead him down the wrong (and very bloody) path?

Scariness factor: The movie declares that it's not actually a horror flick. And (though it seems to me to be a horror flick) it's mostly just camp, so this is fairly low.

Gross-Out Factor: For what I'm assuming was a low-budget movie, it has some pretty sweet gross fx. Mostly just blood-stuff though. Nothing TOO terrible.

Complaints: The movie's not perfect. And although I can't pin down precise things that I didn't like about it, I nonetheless wasn't 100% blown away by it. And I was a bit torn about how I felt about the vegan stuff. In one respect I found myself laughing. But in another respect, I found it irritating once or twice.

High Points: The dialogue--I laughed out loud quite a bit throughout. It's just so silly sometimes. Especially the interrogation-scene at the end. Worth watching simply for that. The special fx are surprisingly good for what I'm again assuming was a low-budget film. The premise of the movie is fun and corny. The acting is sufficiently lousy and yet decent, almost deliberately so. The logic behind a car driving on blood is wonderfully ludicrous and incomprehensible. And it's also chockfull of quotable moments that will make you laugh: "You know that saying, 'If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen?' Well, people still say that. But they don't drive cars."

Overall: It was entertaining and campy. If you see it, nab it. It's worth the watch.

Grade: B+



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