Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Love. And Fear.

I am charmed by how seriously die-hard horror movie fans take their horror flicks, but sometimes you guys scare me and I expect to return home to unidentifiable body parts strewn on my doorstep.

Case in point (the "fear" portion):

Anonymous, who commented on my review of The Changeling by having the following mild freak-out:

Whoever it is that graded this movie can't be more than 18 to 20 years old. Only someone that young and naive would think 'The Haunting' could be better than 'The Changeling.' Catherine Zeta Jones hasn't had a worthy acting role in her miserable career, and don't get me started with that warped nosed drugged out Wilson fella! 'The Haunting' is a modern day special effects, crappy plot movie. 'The Changeling' stars the late thespian, George C. Scott. If your not familiar with him, might I suggest you see 'Patton' or 'Taps.' This movie relies on acting and plot to tell its story, not cheap, over the top special effects. If you trust this persons blogs, I suggest you get your brain scanned!

Hee hee hee. <--This is laughter borne both out of humor and fear. Intense intense fear.

Seriously though... Anon, if you ever stop back, just for the record: perhaps you are not as big a horror lover as you thought, seeing as there IS more than one version of The Haunting--I even *linked* to the original in the review you slammed. And I'd bet that nearly every single person who reads this blog and is a connoisseur of horror flicks would choose the original The Haunting over The Changeling any day.

Second case in point (the "charmed" portion):

Matt who commented on my review of Fido, and my enchantment with the lead zombie, by stating that

I disagree. While I have not seen this movie yet I can not believe that any zombie could be as loved as Bub has become.

I mention you here, Matt, not to make fun, but because it warms my cockles to see folks that, like me, love a good zombie-flick enough that they'll actually DEFEND a zombie's honor.

So thank you, Matt.

And Bub appreciates the mention as well. Though truth be told, he mentioned to me that even HE thinks Fido is more charming. (Ah, but I kid.)


At 4:04 PM, Blogger Steve said...

That that first comment (not your reply) was rather agressive. I wonder how old Anon is, perhaps to young to realize that there is more than one version of the haunting. I love The Changeling. I also Love the original (and best) The Haunting.

Even if I didn't though. What is a review, but an opinion, and different people have different views. I remember Barry Norman speaking on the TV about the film The Lost Boys when it was first released here in the UK. He had nothing good to say for it. I like the film. Hell I love it: ("Death by stereo." "Who is she then Mike, the flying nun?)" But who am I to tear strips off Barry Norman. He might not have liked that particular film, but he knows a lot more about films than I do.


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