Wednesday, September 03, 2008


--Reviewed by Lindy Loo

Plotline: The author of the super-popular Misery series has just finished his newest book and is on his way to deliver it for publication when he finds himself in the middle of the blizzard and ends up getting in a car accident. Near death, he just happens to be rescued by a townie who declares herself "his biggest fan." What begins as a seemingly innocent attempt to nurse him back to health evolves into her crazily keeping him captive and forcing him to rewrite a new Misery novel that raises the character back from the dead.

Scariness factor: It's mind-fuck, stalker-type scariness. No ghosts or zombies, this is just about the scariness of people and reality.

Gross-Out Factor: Wow. The one scene: good god my feet. Other than that, I think it's relatively minimal. But for that one scene: watch out!

Complaints: I dunno: I'm one of the few people who's never really had their chin drop over this movie. It's a good movie, but it doesn't blow me away the way it apparently does some people. Even as I'm sitting here now, writing this, I'm thinking to myself: "But why? I mean, all the stuff that's popping into your head about it is GOOD stuff. And you're having a hard time thinking of anything truly unfavorable about it." But really, something about it just bores me a little. Granted though, I rewatched it so that I could perhaps change my opinion on it. And I did. But still: it's not something I'd gushingly recommend. Plus, I think James Caan kind of sucks in it frequently. I mean, mother of god, there were a couple of scenes where watching him made me think, "Dude, did you go to the Soap Opera School of Acting??"

High Points: Kathy Bates. I mean, good god, isn't that why ANYone recommends this movie? The woman is fricking fantastic playing an absolute loon. And convincing. The mood is well done. The timing is well-done. (Again, this is a movie whose success relies on those heavy, nerve-wracking moments of anticipation.) But really, it all comes back to Kathy Bates. She is the reason this movie is so successful.

Overall: It's not my favoritest of movies, but it definitely is good for the type of horror flick it is. And again: see it for Kathy Bates. You've never seen her in a role like this.

Grade: B/B+



At 12:40 AM, Blogger Joanne said...

Misery is one of my all time favourites!! Yes, what a total mind fuck that Kathy Bates is!! She's scary without all the obvious fear factors like monsters and ghosts and zombies. I have to say that I probably liked it more than you did Lindy but that's okay. We're allowed to have differing opinions. I've watched Misery 4 times and I'm totally riveted to the screen each and every time. My favourite expression in the movie is when Kathy Bates calls the writer: "silly birdie"!! LOL I get a laugh out of that every time I watch the movie. It's so tame it's kind of scary knowing full well that she's capable of so much more (insert scary sounding music, like Psycho shower scene music). I'm giving this movie an "A" because I like Kathy Bates as an actor and in this movie.

At 1:32 PM, Blogger Katie said...

I think people are so impressed because Stephen King movies have a pretty good chance of sucking total balls. This one is pretty true to the original story, but in the book she chops off one foot with an axe and takes off a thumb with an electric knife.


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