Monday, October 03, 2005

Halloween Season

Howdy, folks. I'm looking for suggestions on horror flicks that I should rent this Halloween season, so feel free to give me some suggested viewing in my comments section.

On the plate so far:

  • The Dead Zone--I haven't seen this since I was in high school

  • Suspiria

  • Dellamorte Dellamore

  • The New Amityville Horror, though I doubt this will arrive in time

  • Audition (Odishon)--I *hope* this comes in time

  • Halloween--my feller's never seen it, so I must torture him

  • The American Nightmare

  • Documentary I'd Like to Get My Hands On:

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre: A Family Portrait

  • --Lindy Loo


    At 8:30 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

    You can rent a movie I've been meaning to rent:
    The Haunting of Hell House

    I read the book (my Richard matheson) and it was too spooky. Supposedly the movie is good as well.

    At 7:29 AM, Blogger Immodesty Blaze said...

    That Nicholas Roeg movie with the little girl in the red dress... I can't remember what it's called now though. Look it up on IMDB.

    At 8:01 AM, Blogger Lindy Loo said...

    Actually, I've seen that one (if we're both thinking of the same movie)--the one with Donald Sutherland called Don't Look Now? Yeah, that's a pretty spooky movie. Thanks for the recommendation.

    And, Pattie, of course the library has like every other obscure movie in the history of mankind. But it doesn't have the OLD version of The Haunting of Hell House. Dammit.


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