Monday, August 03, 2009

Two Exciting New Horror Flicks Out This October + an Added Zombie Bonus

Yes yes yes, I continue to be lax in posting. I think this site is gonna end up getting updated once in a while when I see something good from now on. But I hope it continues to be of use to people.

I DO, however, have some good news. Two amazing-looking horror flicks coming out IN THE SAME WEEK!!! October, I love thee:

Scorsese does horror????

Holy shit, I'm on this as soon as it's out:

Shutter Island

Release date: October 2, 2009

And on the zombie-front:


Release date: October 9, 2009

And finally, Nazi zombies (so wrong, but looks so fun):

Dead Snow

Release date: Looks like it already was?


At 10:40 PM, Blogger Jabba said...

Love your blog, it's great. I check in periodically to get movies ideas when I'm in the mood for scariness, which is often.

Keep it up! But no pressure to post more often....

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